We're fine, how are you?


1) People in business suits came to meet us:

THANK YOU representatives from Campbell-Ewald, Team Detroit, GM Planworks!

Our speakers, greeters, and general minglings were a great success. We look forward to keeping in touch with these wonderful, creative individuals. Those business cards are not getting away from us.

2) We want to meet people in business suits: CHICAGO FIELD TRIP!

We're talking to RPM Advertising Agency in Chicago

The Leo Burnett career fair is on the horizon. Very EXCITING (get excited!) especially for our seniors. Sign up for it at www.aaf.org. Click on the multiculturalism link at the top of the page. Look, look for the MOSAIC CAREER FAIR link on the left bar. We are going to the LEO BURNETT fair. Check it! Send in your resume and SIGN UP!

3) GO TO THESE Five star events!
Feb 22 = 7pm same sex marriage debate at Williams
Feb 24th = 9-7 walk for warmth at U-Rec.

4) Fundraising $$$$$$$$

We will set a date for the gas pump next meeting

5) uh, give us your money, PAY YOUR DUES! (only $25 a semester)

6) We're having Karaoke (!)
Say it isn't so! Melissa says it's so!

At the Scoreboard on Maple Street.
9:00 PMs on Tuesdays.
See you there. Bring your disco shoes.

As for the NSAC...

We are creating a campaign, to be presented in April before real industry judges and against really tough competition (Universities throughout this Midwest region). Our client is Coca-Cola.

Meetings are, generally, on Wednesdays and Sundays in the Ad Lab at 7:00 pm.
Teams will meet alone at their designated (and changeable) times and dates.

Keep plugging at it, gang.